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Title: Taken (Chapter 28)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV series)
Characters/Pairings: Elijah/Elena, Damon, Katherine, ensemble
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Summary: Post-2x15 AU: Elijah succeeds in kidnapping Elena, Katherine is out of the tomb and the Salvatore brothers have one hell of a mess to fix. Sometimes you have no choice but to make a deal with the devil. If you can get the devil to make a deal with you...


28. Do Not Go Gentle

“It’s dawn,” said Katherine, opening the curtains just enough to let a chink of light seep through. She turned back to Isobel, who was sitting on the bed and staring into her lap with her hands clasped, gaze expressionless. “Maybe we should have a last supper.”

Isobel managed a smile. “Bring me Leonardo DiCaprio to eat and I’ll consider it.”

They were in the master bedroom of what had originally been Isobel’s pad. It was now the room where they were kept prisoner. Katherine and Isobel were not the only occupants; Tyler lay curled up in a large iron cage in the corner of the room, still asleep. Klaus had kept all three of them cooped up, waiting for this day.

Ignoring the werewolf, Katherine sauntered over to join Isobel on the bed. She nudged Isobel’s shoulder. “Leonardo DiCaprio? He hasn’t been hot for a while, you should try... hmm, Daniel Craig. I bet he’s delicious.”

Isobel sighed, unclasping her hands, and lay back, stretching out to stare up at the ceiling. She looked so young, Katherine thought. Her dark hair and clothes stood out starkly against the white covers. Isobel had barely gone past thirty; she was still newly turned in vampire terms, but Klaus had selected her to be his vampire sacrifice.

Katherine was glad that it wasn’t her.

“I used to dream about becoming a vampire,” Isobel said. “Daydream about all the things I was going to do. Not just the blood. The world. The things I was going to see.”

Sensing that Isobel didn’t need a response, Katherine shifted to lay her hand over Isobel’s instead. It was about the only comfort that she could offer.

“I was a terrible mother.” Isobel’s tone was full of regret. “I’ve wished again and again that I never had Elena.”

Katherine understood. “Your daughter was born to a terrible fate. No parent would want that.”

They were silent for a while, Isobel breathing softly, gazing into the middle distance. All the spirit had gone out of her. Katherine recalled what Isobel had been like when they had first met: how eager, how curious, how delightfully hedonistic. She had been a pleasure to teach. But it was because of Isobel that Katherine had discovered Elena, and then everything had changed.

She shifted over on her side, leaning on her elbow as she looked at Isobel curiously. “Can I ask you a question?”

Isobel’s dark eyes met hers.

“Why did you go after Klaus? You didn’t have to; you could have stayed out of this.”

“Do you want the honest truth?” Katherine nodded, and Isobel went on: “It wasn’t for you, Katherine, as much as I love you. I did it for Elena.”

At this late hour, Katherine could not begrudge her that. She squeezed Isobel’s hand. “Then you’re not a terrible mother. Even if Elena never appreciates that.”

Isobel gave a small smile. “Thank you.”

“Familial bonding? How sweet.”

Startled, both women leapt to their feet, instinctively staying close together. Katherine swallowed.

Klaus had entered the room. He gave both of them a sly smile before wandering over to the werewolf cage, where he tapped on the metal bar.

“Wakey wakey.”

Maybe Tyler could sense Klaus’s presence by now, or maybe it was the fact that Klaus had cast a shadow over the cage, but he woke up at once and scrabbled back, staring at Klaus with mingled fear and fury. His face was smudged and dark with stubble, and his clothes were dirty. Klaus had not treated him well.

“Good morning,” Klaus greeted him.

Tyler swallowed, his gaze moving past Klaus to Katherine and Isobel. She was fairly sure that their expressions said it all, because he slumped down against the back of the cage.

“So this is it.”

“This is it,” Klaus agreed. He turned back to the two women. “Katerina, my love. Would you join me for a moment?”

Katherine took a breath and squared her shoulders before approaching him. She looked Klaus right in the eye. He could compel her, had already done so. There was no point in trying to hide from his gaze.

“You’ve been very helpful these past few weeks.” Klaus spoke softly. “And I think good work should be rewarded. That’s why I’m going to let you go free.”

She couldn’t believe her ears. “What?”

He smiled. “You heard me.” He reached out and took her hand, stroking his thumb over the ring on her finger. She stared at him, hardly daring to breathe. Was this a trick? “When I let go of your hand,” he went on, “you’re free to go. As long as you don’t interfere with the sacrifice tonight, you can do as you please. Of course, your life remains bound to mine, but that’s a small detail. Enjoy your freedom, Katerina. Make good use of it.”

He stepped back then, releasing her hand, and for a moment Katherine stood still, her heart pounding. Tyler was watching her with incredulity. She glanced back at Isobel, who gave her a tiny nod.

And Katherine understood. Klaus hadn’t freed her out of the goodness of his heart; he had a purpose for her. Somewhere in Mystic Falls, his brother was still plotting to kill him. By binding his own life to hers, Klaus had ensured one thing: she could not stand back and watch Elijah kill him.

She had to save Klaus’s life.

Her mouth tightened. She nodded at Isobel, a final goodbye. Then she got the hell out of there.


“I haven’t practised any magic since I moved away,” said Abigail.

Her mother was staring out of the car window, elbow propping up her chin. They were on their way to the witch burial ground. Bonnie thought that she would be happy never to set foot in that house again, but she had to be the escort. It didn’t feel right not to be there.

“You gave it up?”

Abby nodded. “I decided that I didn’t want to be a witch any more. I wanted a normal life.”

Bonnie paused, raising an eyebrow at her mother. “Are you sure you’re up to this?”

They couldn’t afford to have a weak link.

“I’m up to this. It’s not something... you ever forget. As much as I wanted to.”

They pulled up outside the old house, and Bonnie sighed. “Well, here we are.” She got out and slammed the door shut. Abigail followed after her, more reluctantly.

Before they reached the entrance, however, the front door creaked open, and a figure stepped out.

Bonnie stopped. “Lucy.”

Lucy put a hand on her hip, tilting her head as she smiled at both of them. “Bonnie. And Abby. Long time no see.”

Bonnie looked at her mother, startled. “Wait... you two know each other?”

“We’ve met,” said Abby. “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

Lucy raised an eyebrow, but made no comment. She held the door open for them. “The others are inside.”

Bonnie stepped through after her mother, shivering as she passed over the threshold. She could feel the spirits here already; they were waiting too. Witches both living and dead, about to come together and share their power...

She could feel the age of these rooms as they walked through them. It was profoundly strange.

“So,” said Lucy, nudging her, “how’s tricks?”

Bonnie made a face. “Honestly? Desperate.”

“You like to keep things last minute, huh? I got a call from Elena only yesterday.”

“Well, you didn’t exactly make it easy for me to keep in touch.”

She bit her lip the moment she’d said it. Lucy paused for a moment, and then laughed.

“Yeah, I guess I didn’t.”

She didn’t apologize, and Bonnie forced her resentment away. For so long, she’d been coping with all this on her own. Today she had a job to do that required help, and she had it – she couldn’t jeopardize that.

They descended a set of stairs into a room lit only by candles. Three people were waiting there for them: Jonas, Luka, and a woman Bonnie didn’t recognize. Much of her face was hidden by flickering shadow, but she had short white hair that stood out against her surroundings, and Bonnie caught a glimpse of a grim expression. She immediately had the impression that this woman was formidable.

Jonas looked around at them. “Are we all here?”

Lucy gave him a sideways glance. “Were you expecting anyone else?” She held out her hand. “Lucy.”

“Jonas. This is my son, Luka.”

The white-haired woman stepped forward. “Gloria. You’re the Bennett clan, I presume.”

After the introductions had been exchanged, there was an awkward silence for a moment, all of them sizing each other up.

Then Jonas spoke. “Shall we begin?”

He held out one hand to his son, who took it, and then his other hand to Gloria. Bonnie took a deep breath and looked at her mother, extending her hand. Abby’s expression faltered for a moment, a flash of doubt crossing her eyes, but then she nodded, and stepped forward to join the circle. Soon enough all the witches had joined hands – on her other side, Lucy grasped her hand firmly, her touch warm and reassuring, and she gave a quick smile to Bonnie.

The candle flames leapt to life.

Bonnie closed her eyes.


Things had changed. To her great surprise – and annoyance – Katherine attempted to slip inside the Gilbert house only to find that she couldn’t get past the door.

“What the hell?” she muttered. She had been invited in. Had the house changed owners?

There was her first plan in tatters. She could have threatened any of the Gilbert family to find out where Elijah was and how he was intending to kill Klaus, but not if she couldn’t get in.

For a moment, she was at a loss.

She had to find him. Not only because Elijah was clearly the biggest threat to Klaus, but also because he had compelled her to return to him. She couldn’t leave Mystic Falls without tracking him down; in fact, it was hard to concentrate on anything else. Katherine huffed, frustrated. The compulsion was messing with her head, making it difficult for her to carry out her true goal – to save herself.

So. Plan B. What was it to be?

She bit her lip as she turned away from the house, thinking. That was when she spotted a familiar figure watching her from across the street.

Katherine’s eyes darkened. Teeth bared, she rushed the figure. But before she could reach him, the figure held up a hand and it felt as though her skull had split open. Hissing in agony, Katherine fell to the ground barely a foot away from him, clutching her head.

“I’d advise you not to do that,” said Maddox pleasantly.

He lowered his hand, and the pain receded, but she knew that he was on his guard. Even with vampire reflexes, she wouldn’t be quick enough to kill him before he stopped her.

“So are you keeping an eye on me?” she bit out. “Making sure I do my bit to help Klaus?”

This whole freedom thing was turning out to be even more of an illusion than she had previously thought.

He paused, watching her as she straightened up to regard him. “What do you want to do?”

“I need to find Elijah.”

He smiled. “That, I can help with.”


Elena parked her car outside the old farmhouse and got out, shivering as she looked around. The morning air felt brisk and fresh, and somewhere amongst the trees beyond the road, there was the faint sound of birdsong.

This was the place where Elijah had kept her prisoner. She walked up to the entrance and knocked at the door, her stomach tightening in anticipation.

A few seconds later, Elijah opened it.

She smiled, though she felt on edge – jittery. “Elijah.”

His expression was grave. “I’m surprised you wanted to meet me here.”

“I know.” She shook her head. “I just needed to get out of the house.”

Technically she should have been at school, but if there was any day she was allowed to skip school, Elena figured it was this one.

He stepped aside. “Come in.”

Elena followed him inside, hesitating as he showed her to the living room. A fire burned in the heath; the curtains were drawn. Everything felt still and silent. This house had some bad memories for her – but then again, so did most places in Mystic Falls. She felt curiously nostalgic – here was the place where she and Elijah had agreed to work together again, where he had given her back her necklace... She stepped over towards the window, pushing aside the curtain to look out of it as she had done days before. She remembered the cool touch of Elijah’s fingers on her neck, that sense of being both vulnerable and not-vulnerable... It was a feeling that shouldn’t have intrigued her so powerfully, but she could no longer deny that it had.

She swallowed as she watched Elijah walk over to the bookcase. “Where’s Irene?”

He took a moment to answer, picking up something from the shelf before he turned to face her. “Mrs Roberts? Gone.”

She caught her breath. “What do you mean?”

“Dead.” His tone was heavy. “I discovered her body when I returned here. She was killed by a vampire, most likely your mother.”

Elena couldn’t speak. Another innocent person had died because of the vampires in Mystic Falls. Because of Elijah. Because of Isobel. Because of her.

“Luckily, Isobel didn’t find this,” Elijah continued, holding up a decanter. It was a dull gold in colour, made of glass, but unlike a wine bottle or something of that sort, the surface was heavily furrowed.

“The elixir,” she breathed.

The potion that would save her life, where so many others had died. The reason she had come here.


He walked over to her, and Elena tried to breathe normally. She was incredibly wound up – the news of Irene’s death was just another bad thing in a long line of terrible things, so much so that she almost felt numb to it.


Of course he had picked up on how tense she was. “I just...”

“You were right,” he said. “I used Mrs Roberts during our stay here, and the result was her untimely death. I will take the responsibility for that, Elena.”

She nodded. There were worse things to tell him – the rings, the fact that they couldn’t kill Klaus without killing her friends, but she couldn’t quite bring herself to say it yet.

Elijah seemed to take that as acceptance. He handed her the elixir and she took it, cupping her hands around the ancient decanter, its elaborate ridges pressing into her skin. She lifted it to her mouth and drank, and to her surprise it tasted like sweet water, cool and refreshing. She’d been expecting something old and dusty.

She wiped her mouth and looked at Elijah. “Thank you for trying to save me.”

He was very close; she could see every line of his face in the firelight. “You’re welcome.”

Her mouth trembled. “Elijah... this plan with the witches...”


She took a deep breath before answering. “We can’t go through with it.”


As spacious as the Salvatore boarding house was, Damon still felt like a wild animal trapped inside it. He paced around the living room restlessly, Stefan watching him from by the window. He was on the phone to Jenna, since Elena wasn’t answering her calls.

“She’s gone out,” Jenna informed him.

“Gone out?” Damon repeated. “Today of all days, you let her go out?”

“Yes, today of all days!” Jenna snapped. “That’s my call, not yours.”

“So where is she?” Stefan asked. He spoke quietly, but Damon knew that his brother was as anxious as he was.

Damon repeated the question to Jenna, who didn’t have the advantage of vampire hearing on the other side of the phone.

“She’s with Elijah,” was the response, and Damon clicked his tongue in frustration. “Taking that elixir thing he told her about.”

He groaned. “No.”

That was it. Elena was going to let herself be sacrificed. He knew it. She was avoiding them because she knew that they would stop her – but if it came down to a choice between the lives of her friends and killing Klaus, Elena would rather let Klaus go scot-free.

He hung up without waiting to hear Jenna’s opinion on it. Whatever she thought didn’t matter. Instead, he shoved his phone into his pocket and looked at Stefan.

“We have to stop her.”

Stefan sighed. “She said something last night, Damon... About Elijah. That she has feelings for him.”

He blinked. “What?

“She trusts him more than either of us right now.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Then she must have been compelled. Elijah has her right where he wants her. Klaus too – he’s going to go ahead with the sacrifice, Elena will die, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“I’ve arranged to meet the witches,” said Stefan. “They’re our only chance right now.”


And didn’t that piss him off. If Damon knew one thing, it was that witches were chronically unreliable. He couldn’t stand the fact that they were waiting around for Bonnie and her new pals to come back from their ghost-witch bonding or whatever it was they were doing.

There had to be another way.


Elijah cursed under his breath when Elena explained. She was holding back tears; he had noticed that from the moment she stepped inside, and now he understood why.

“I can’t let Klaus be killed if it means my friends will die,” she finished. “I did all this to save them. If we can’t find a way to undo the spell, then we – we have to go ahead with the sacrifice.”

He shook his head. “The entire point of this was to kill Klaus. If he doesn’t die at the end of it, then your sacrifice will have been for nothing.”

“It won’t be for nothing. If Klaus gets what he wants, he’ll leave Mystic Falls, and maybe then this town will finally get some peace.”

They couldn’t count on that, he thought. Klaus’s moods were unpredictable; he could very easily decide to slaughter half the population after becoming a hybrid, just to test his new powers out. But he could tell simply by looking at Elena that she knew this; she was grasping at straws, and he couldn’t blame her. Her eyes beseeched him to do something, to help. He only wished that he could.

“We’ll know more when we talk to the witches,” he said. “Then we can make an informed decision.”

She nodded. She had resigned herself to her fate again, he thought, had taken the elixir because it looked like her only option. He held out his hand to take the empty elixir bottle from her, and set it aside on the coffee table. When he turned back, she was standing oddly still, watching him, and something about that felt strange. Elijah frowned.

“Would you like me to accompany you home?”

“No,” she said. “Elijah, can I... can I stay here for a little while longer?”

She looked fragile. He’d never really thought that about her before, despite her mortality.

“Of course,” he said. “Please, sit.”

She did so, looked down at her hands tucked in her lap. Elijah hesitated for a moment before walking over to sit down next to her. She had asked to stay; he could only surmise that she wanted him to be there too.

“Is there anything I can do?”

She didn’t respond immediately. Instead, she closed her eyes, her long lashes showing no hint of a tear. Already she had composed herself; he had met vampires thirty times her age with far less poise. When she looked at him again, it was to ask an entirely unexpected question. “What will you do when this is over?”

He had to think about it. “Leave.”

If they killed Klaus, then his mission was accomplished, and he had no more reason to stay in Mystic Falls. If Klaus survived, then Elijah would have to run; he had no weapon that could kill Klaus as a hybrid, not even a witch.

“Where will you go?”

“Back to New York first, probably. Then Europe. Prague.”

She nodded, expression wistful. “It sounds wonderful. I’ve never been outside the States...”

“I could take you, if you wanted.”

The words slipped out of his mouth almost before he had thought of them, and he swallowed. Elijah always considered his words carefully. He never said too much, never revealed too much, and in this moment he had broken both of those rules. Whatever he felt about Elena – and her close proximity left him with no illusions about that – now was certainly not the time to leave his feelings unguarded.

He would take her anywhere she wanted, if only they had the chance.

Elena didn’t shy away or baulk at the suggestion, as he might have thought.

“We could go tomorrow,” she said, and she gave him a smile that was so warm and so sad at the same time that he almost couldn’t bear to look at her. But he wouldn’t do her the discourtesy of looking away, of refusing to acknowledge the meaning behind her words: tomorrow. “Tell me,” Elena went on. “Tell me where you would take me. Tell me... what’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?”

He paused. “That place is no longer what it was. But I can show you.”

She blinked. “Show me?”

“In a dream.”

He guessed that she knew about this particular vampire ability, and his assumption wasn’t wrong. Elena’s mouth opened in a small ‘oh’, and then she nodded. Straightening up, she lifted her hands to take off her necklace and discarded it on the table in front of them, next to the elixir.

His mouth curled upwards, just the barest hint of a smirk. “You need to be asleep first. Would you like to go somewhere more comfortable?”

She gave him a look, but she couldn’t suppress an amused smile. “I’m fine here. Can you just... make me forget all this? At least for a while.”

He understood. He had put her through this nightmare, even if he wasn’t the entire cause of it. He couldn’t deny her a brief respite.

“Just for a while,” he promised.


Caroline walked into history class fifteen minutes early to find Alaric at his desk, which would have surprised no one but her. She gave him a look, putting one hand on her hip.

“Alaric Saltzman, why are you at school?”

“Last I checked, I work here,” he answered dryly. “Why are you here?”

“To compel Mrs Winters into changing the attendance register. We may have a terrible blood ritual to get through tonight that not all of us are going to come out alive from, but I am not going to let that ruin my chances of getting into college.”

He laughed. “Well, you still can’t compel me into giving you an A on your non-existent paper.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I don’t care about history anyways.”

“Oh, but history is very important,” a female voice drawled. “Right, Mr Saltzman? I’m surprised you never asked me to educate you... I did live through the entirety of American history.”

Katherine. Caroline gulped, sharing a look with Alaric who had already gotten to his feet, before turning to face the other vampire. She dreaded seeing Katherine’s smug, treacherous face again. Wasn’t she supposed to be Klaus’s prisoner? But it wasn’t Katherine that made her eyes widen and a gasp escape her lips.

It was Matt.

Katherine had her arm hooked around Matt’s. A predatory smile lit up her face. Her hair was straight like Elena and she was dressed like Elena, no doubt to fool her schoolmates, but there was no mistaking her. Matt, poor Matt – her heart clenched at the sight – he looked utterly bewildered and scared.

“What are you doing here?” Alaric asked, his voice harsh. He came over to stand next to Caroline. She hoped that he wasn’t going to play the hero. Neither of them could stand up to Katherine.

“Good question,” said Katherine crisply. “I’m looking for Elena. Does she ever go to school?”

“She’s not here,” said Caroline. “And if you want to pick her up for Klaus, don’t bother. Tell him he can do his own dirty work.”

Her heart was pounding. She didn’t feel brave at all; she was sure that Katherine would see straight through her defiance. And Matt... Her heart was breaking for him, he looked so scared... He tried to wrench free out of Katherine’s grip, to no avail; Caroline knew from experience how much that would hurt.

Matt found his voice. “Caroline – what the hell? What’s going on?”

Katherine ignored him. “She’s not at home and she’s not at the Salvatore boarding house. Don’t tell me she’s run away. I’m on a schedule, Caroline. As soon as my witch finds Elijah, I have to go, so I’m not messing around here. Where is she?”

“Well, maybe you should get your witch to work faster, because that’s where Elena is.”

Katherine raised an eyebrow. “She’s with Elijah?”


Alaric looked confused. “Wait, what? How do you know that?”

Caroline just gave him a look. “I used a phone. You should try it some time.”

She, Bonnie, and Elena had all worked out in advance what they were going to do today. Bonnie was meeting the other witches, Elena had gone to take the elixir, and Caroline was taking care of everything at school. She’d also volunteered to co-ordinate everything, which was how they’d decided to all meet up with the witches later on so that they could form their game plan. She could ask the Martins to seal her house then too. But she wasn’t about to tell Katherine any of that.

“So Elijah’s keeping her until he’s ready to hand her over to Klaus,” Katherine surmised.

Wrong, Caroline thought, but didn’t deny it.

“All right,” Katherine went on. “What if I told you that Tyler is the werewolf Klaus is planning to sacrifice in tonight’s ritual?”

It was like a physical blow. “What?”

Matt’s eyes had widened, but Katherine kept going. “That’s right. Didn’t you guys ever think about that part? But if you want to save him... I can tell you where he is.”

Caroline felt like her heart had stopped. Tyler. She’d – well, she had thought about him over the past couple of weeks, but with everything else that had been going on, he just hadn’t been on her radar. The last time she had asked Carol about him, there had been no news. How had this happened?

Alaric spoke for her. “Why would you do that?”

“Why would I want to stop Klaus from becoming an all-powerful hybrid? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because when he does, we’ll be stuck with him forever. If we can delay the ritual, that buys us some time to figure out how to get rid of these stupid rings.”

She waved her hand at them in exasperation, but Caroline still didn’t understand.

“You’re compelled by Klaus. Don’t you have to help him complete the ritual?”

“Not any more. Klaus let me go.”

“Okay, I’m not buying any of this,” Alaric said. “What are you doing with Matt? Let the poor kid go.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

She shoved Matt forward, and Caroline caught him as he stumbled towards her. “It’s okay,” she murmured, “it’s okay, Matt...”

Katherine had already turned to go. “Consider this a token of my good will. Oh, and bye, Matt,” she tossed over her shoulder. “It was fun sleeping with you.”

She disappeared, and Alaric quickly moved over to place a hand on Matt’s shoulder.
“You okay?”

He nodded, but it was clearly an automatic response; nothing about him looked okay. He was breathing hard; she could see the whites around his eyes. He was in shock.

Caroline ground her teeth. What she wouldn’t have given to have Bonnie with her right now... They could have taken down Katherine easily. But...

“Tyler,” she breathed. “Katherine didn’t say where he was.”

Matt cleared his throat. “An address. She gave me an address.”

He fumbled inside his jacket pocket, before pulling out his cell phone.

Caroline watched him. “She texted you? Katherine has your cell phone number?”

“I thought she was Elena,” Matt snapped. “What is she, an evil twin?”

“Something like that,” said Alaric, rubbing his face. “Well, I guess that’s my teaching over for the day. Can you compel me an excuse too, Caroline?”

“Yeah,” said Caroline, and then something dawned on her. “Oh, crap.”

Alaric looked at her. “What?”

“Katherine wanted to find Elena. She never said why. If she wants to stop the ritual, do you think that means...”

“She wants to kill her.” Alaric’s face was grim. “I’ll call Damon.”

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