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Part one.

Chapter 24
Alaric tries to throw Damon out; Damon is overly emotional and almost bites him.

This is an alternative version of a scene that I rewrote several times because I couldn't make it work. Originally, Damon and Alaric's conversation was going to end in an argument. In the scene below, Alaric has just told Damon to leave. I was so close to writing Damon/Alaric hate-sex, guys. So close. But I struggled with the point of it, with how extreme Damon's emotional state ought to be, and what I could do with their relationship from there. I almost cut the final scene out entirely, and it's still one of the less, shall we say, necessary parts of the chapter. Mostly I kept it in because we hadn't seen Alaric for a while, which is not the greatest reason.

He walked over towards the door, Damon staring after him the entire way. Alaric wasn’t supposed to throw him out. His fingers twitched. He did want badly to let his vampire instincts take over, to hunt down and kill someone. He could see Alaric’s throat, the veins he knew were throbbing beneath it. He was also sure that Alaric was on vervain, which meant no biting, but even so–

Before Alaric could open the door, Damon had slammed him against it. He’d twisted Alaric around as he grabbed him, so that Alaric’s face was an inch from his. Alaric cursed, but there was fear in his eyes as he struggled, all of which only increased Damon’s desire to bite him – he hissed, showing his fangs, as the blood rushed to his eyes.

“What the hell! Get off me!”

Damon controlled himself. It took a second for him to fight off his impulses and then he stepped back, breathing heavily, as Alaric staggered away from him.

“What the hell was that?”

Chapter 26
Elijah kills Katherine while Elena watches.

I'm filing this under Chapter 26, but really I have no idea where it could have gone because by the time I got that far, this scenario had long since gone out of the window. I wrote this scene somewhere around the first 5-8 chapters. You see, originally I had planned to kill Katherine. I know, sacrilege, right? I soon learned the error of my ways. But that was why I wrote the Elijah/Katherine negotiation scene early on. She agrees to help him, and he tells her that if she breaks her word, he will kill her. I knew that Katherine was going to betray him, so that was going to be my reason for him killing her. But Katherine is too awesome to die. This is a fact. So I decided that she had to live, and this scene was never even close to making it into the story.

“Elena, would you like to leave the room for a moment?”

She shook her head. “No. I’m okay.”

Katherine stared at her, desperate. “Elena, please. Help me – I’ll do anything, I swear, I’ll leave you and Stefan alone, you’ll never see me again–”

“No,” said Elijah softly. “She won’t. Goodbye, Katerina.”

He didn’t hesitate. He plunged the stake into Katherine’s heart and Elena watched, white-faced, as Katherine crumpled from his arms, her skin already grey and corpse-like, and fell still.

Silently, Elena moved over and leaned her head against Elijah’s shoulder. “We should have done that a long time ago,” she murmured.

Chapter 28
Elena has been crying on Elijah's shoulder.

Elena has gone to the farmhouse where Elijah kept her prisoner in order to take the elixir that will allow her to survive the ritual. I originally had Elena having a breakdown because of all the impending doom, and crying into Elijah's shirt. Hence this scene. But I couldn't make it work because, get this, it was too romantic. Go me.

“Sorry,” she murmured. “I’m getting your shirt all wet.”

“It’s fine. Your emotions are what make you human, Elena. And I can change my suit.”

She sniffed. “You have a lot of them upstairs, don’t you? I saw.”


“Why did you put me in your room?”

Because the thought of her in his bed had been too tempting for him to resist. He squashed that thought.

“As a courtesy. I had kidnapped you, after all; it was only polite to offer you the best room.”

She laughed; he felt as much as heard it, like a vibration against his skin, and Elijah looked down at her, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

“Something funny?”

She shook her head. “No... it’s just you.”

Chapter 32
Liz asks Caroline if Stefan and Damon are vampires.

Here's another example of me not being sure when to reveal stuff to Liz. Katherine told Liz that Damon and Stefan were vampires in the previous chapter, so I knew that I had to pick up on that. Originally I had her bring it up in this scene, but that felt too early because I knew I didn't have room for any pay-off. So I cut this and had Liz ask the question in the next chapter instead, when she was stuck in a prison cell and couldn't do anything about it.

“I need to talk to you,” Liz said, interrupting her thoughts. “Jenna, can we have a moment?”

Jenna blinked. “Sure.”

Another police officer appeared to take care of Jenna while her mother ushered Caroline into her office, closing the door behind them. Caroline’s entire body felt tight, remembering what had happened the last time she had been in here. This time the shutters were drawn and the artificial light threw Liz’s face into sharp relief, showing every line.

“I’m sorry about Matt,” said Liz, and her eyes were shining with tears.

Caroline gave a tiny nod. But her mother could have said that in front of Jenna. What else did she want to talk about?

“Damon told me that Klaus was responsible,” Liz went on. “And that Klaus will be gone tonight, so we can finally put an end to the vampires threatening the people of this town.”

“Yeah,” she replied uncertainly. “Mom, what are you trying to say?”

“I want you to answer me honestly, Caroline.” Liz paused before stepping forward. “Are Damon and Stefan vampires?”

Her stomach clenched. For a moment, she didn’t know how to respond. “What? No. Why would you think that?”

“It’s my job to know about the vampires in this town. If there are any others, you would tell me, right? I can trust you?”

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be a question, but Liz’s pleading tone made it sound like one. And she couldn’t deal with this right now – she didn’t know how to deal with this. She shook her head.

Chapter 34
Klaus is dead. Elena gives Elijah one of her patented magical empathy hugs.

I wrote this probably around 15 chapters in, way before I actually got to the sacrifice scene. I didn't really have an idea of how it would play out, but I did get an image in my head that I wanted to show: Elijah, alone, having killed his brother, and Elena reaching out to him. So I wrote this and kept it for months and months, and then I couldn't use it because of how the sacrifice actually went down. C'est la vie.

He sagged, collapsing onto his knees. There was no triumph in his eyes, only a grim bleakness. She understood. He had killed his brother, and now he had no one.

Compassion swelled her heart. Elena walked over and silently wrapped her arms around him. For a moment or two, he simply stood there, head bowed. Then, slowly, his arms reached around to return her embrace, pulling her tighter to him. His head was buried in her hair, and she could feel his lips against her ear.

“Forgive me...”

“It’s okay,” she murmured. “It’s okay. You did the right thing.”

Elena isn't dead. Katherine is disappointed.

Even when I thought up this dialogue, it didn't fit, but I liked Katherine's attitude so I kept it just in case.

“She’s not dead?” Katherine pouted. “Pity.”

Stefan folded his arms. “You know, you could be a little more sympathetic to someone who was in the exact same position you were five hundred years ago.”

“Why? She’s not me.”

Chapter 35
Damon meets with Liz and Caroline, and they agree to be friends.

Right from the beginning of this story, I wanted to write how Liz and Damon remained friends even after she finds out that he's a vampire, because that was a storyline I sorely missed in Season 3. This scene leads directly on from a scene in Chapter 35 where Liz has invited Damon over to talk, and Caroline hears him come in. I started writing it, and then I stopped because it was so boring. Man, that was depressing. Here's a development I'd wanted to see on screen, and yet it plays out so predictably. We learn nothing new. We know what the conclusion is going to be. There's just no value in it. So it had to go.

“This is council business,” said Liz. “I was going to talk to him alone.”

“Yeah, well, it’s vampire business,” said Caroline. She felt less bloated standing up. Huh. “I’m gonna listen in anyway, so I might as well be there.”

Thankfully, her mother didn’t argue with that, since Caroline didn’t think she had the energy to argue. She’d used up all her emotions already and they were barely halfway through the day. Instead, she followed Liz downstairs where they found Damon waiting at the door like a good concerned citizen. He and Caroline shared a look.

Then Caroline had to watch a performance that she would gladly rub in Damon’s face later on, when she felt better. He was so contrite; he was practically on his knees.

“Liz, I’m sorry I lied to you... Liz, I promise you I had the best of intentions... We protect our own, but we protect the town too, and that includes your daughter.”

“The council can’t know about this,” said Liz.

“Good,” said Damon, nodding immediately. “We’re on the same page, Liz.”

Finally, she couldn’t help commenting. “Is that the twentieth time you’ve used my mom’s name? I think you’ve worn it out already.”

They both shot her a glare, but it was worth it. There was a pause.

“Can I ask one question?” Liz asked.

“Of course,” said Damon immediately. “Anything.”

“How do you walk in the sun?”

It was a question she had asked before. Damon grimaced, looking at Caroline, and she shrugged. Frankly, she thought it was about time they confessed. Liz was looking at Damon with wide eyes, waiting for an answer, and she suddenly wondered if her mother already knew. No, that wasn’t possible. But either way, she wanted the truth.

“It’s kind of a long story,” Damon hedged.

“Tell her,” said Caroline. “Come on, Damon, she’s putting her trust in us. We should show a little give and take.”

There was a moment when Damon’s expression was unreadable. Then he held out his hand, palm flat on the table. “It’s this. Lapis lazuli. Stefan and I have these ugly old rings. Caroline has a nicer one.” Caroline waved her hand as he spoke, Liz’s gaze following her. “And Katherine has a necklace. What they all have in common is the gemstone, and the fact that they were spelled by a witch.”

“What if another vampire stole it?” Liz asked.

Damon shook his head. “Well, apart from the inconvenience to me, it wouldn’t do them any good. My ring only works for me, Caroline’s for her, and so on.”

Liz nodded slowly. “Good. That’s less of a security risk. Can I still count on your help as part of the council, Damon?”


Chapter 36
Damon is disappointed with Stefan and Elena's narrative.

Originally this was going to be part of the conversation that Damon and Elena have after she's broken up with Stefan. They're figuring out where they stand, and where Elena stands in relation to Stefan, and this is one thing that Damon finds puzzling. He doesn't understand Elena's relationship with Elijah and he never has. I cut this bit of dialogue though, because it felt too self-aware. Some stories thrive on meta, but it didn't work here.

“Boy saves girl; girl dumps boy. That’s not how the story usually ends.”

“And what does that have to do with the real world? Nothing.”

Caroline tries to persuade Elena that Stefan is her true love.

We know that Caroline ships Stefan/Elena, and since I had Elena break up with Stefan I considered various scenes in which she talks about the break-up with her friends and sheds some light on what wasn't working in their relationship. In the end I cut this because I can't be bothered with teens endlessly talking about their relationship drama when more important things are happening (like people dying). Also I get enough of Caroline shipping Stefan/Elena on the show.

Elena sighed heavily. “Is this really the time, Caroline?”

“I tried, but I couldn’t not bring it up.”

In all fairness, Caroline had waited the better part of the afternoon. She’d gotten through the speeches, the condolences; she’d cried her heart out, mostly on Bonnie’s shoulder. She and Elena had then gone to lay flowers for both Tyler and Matt, before retreating to a park bench away from everyone else.

“I don’t know,” said Elena, staring out over the lake for a moment. “Even if he was the perfect guy, does that make a difference if you don’t feel it anymore?”

“I guess not,” said Caroline. She hadn’t really thought about it like that. If a guy was perfect for someone, how could they not fall in love? “I just thought you guys had, you know, true love.”

Elena smiled. “I thought so too.”

Caroline runs into Elijah and Elena ~together~.

Here's another idea that I cut almost before I'd written it, because it felt too teenage and not appropriate for the moment. (Bearing in mind that this chapter takes place at a memorial for Elena's dead friends.) I also felt like I'd be veering into romantic comedy territory where Elijah and Elena sneak around and there are cute awkward moments when they get caught etc etc, and I'm not writing some romcom sequel to this.

The "catch you on the flip side" line is a reference to something Elijah said immediately after he and Elena first kissed which I cut. I wrote it because he occasionally says funny off-kilter stuff like that (OMG), but I felt like it was undercutting the moment. It's a cutesy goodbye, and again the tone didn't feel right.

Caroline was staring at them. Elijah had the feeling that she had radar for this kind of thing. He’d be leaving Elena to face some awkward questions, which was not what he had intended.


“What just happened may be... unresolved... for some time.”

“I know.”

“You don’t have to wait for me.”

“How about I just live my life, and I’ll see you later? No, wait. Catch you on the flip side.”

He smiled. “With pleasure.”

Katherine catches Elijah and Elena ~together~ and teases Elena about it.

Haha, and here was my second idea for who could have witnessed Elijah and Elena making out. I like this one better. Of course Katherine would have been lurking in the background somewhere, making sure that Elena kept the deal they'd made.

“Elena. My favourite doppelganger.”


“Elena and Elijah, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S–”

“Are you really that childish?” said Elena wearily.

“I’m not surprised,” said Katherine. “I thought he was cute too, once. You know, before he tried to kill me. Speaking of...”

“Elijah agreed to the deal. You’re free.”

“Someday,” said Katherine, “I owe you a drink.”

Elena wasn’t quite sure if that sounded ominous or not.

Elijah and Elena go to open his family's coffins.

This was the original ending of the story. It leads directly from the current ending: Elena gets in the car with Elijah and goes off with him to find his family. I cut this after receiving excellent feedback from [personal profile] goldenusagi, who was absolutely right when she said that she preferred something more open-ended. This ending is predictable. Everything happens exactly as you'd expect. It's writing by the numbers and it doesn't actually add anything. It also feels like set-up for a sequel.

You'll also notice that Elijah and Elena have somehow become fluffy. So obviously I couldn't have that.


She stepped forward decisively to match the conviction in her voice, but Elijah stopped her, blocking her way as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Their mouths fastened together; she felt a thrill run through her body every bit as powerful as when she had kissed him two months ago, before he left to search for his family. She had to pause to catch her breath, and Elijah caught her wrists in his hands, stroking his thumb over the joint, his eyes dark as he regarded her.

“So that wasn’t just a goodbye kiss,” he said.

She grinned. “I like hello kisses too.”

“Something you and I have in common.”

“Come on,” she said. “Less of the flirting; we can do that later. We need to go before anyone figures out I’m gone.”

His smile was subtle, just a quirk of his lips, but his expression was every bit as amused as hers. “I’ll hold you to that.”

So she got in the car and they set off, and Elena felt like her heartbeat must be magnified a hundred times in the enclosed interior. She looked at her watch. Ten minutes past midnight. The engine thrummed softly; Mystic Falls passed her by, empty streets that were soon swallowed up by trees and fields.

She twisted her head to look at Elijah. “How far away are your family?”

“An hour’s drive,” he said. “Klaus liked to keep our siblings close.”

She nodded. After that, they didn’t talk about his family. Elijah asked her about what she had been doing for the past two months, and once Elena had exhausted that topic they discussed other things: culture, history, politics. He was an endlessly rich source of knowledge; of course that was unsurprising, but she had never asked him questions so freely before.

So time passed quickly and Elena didn’t realise that they were almost there until she glanced over and saw that Elijah’s hands had tightened on the steering wheel.

“Are you okay?”

Elijah didn’t look at her, keeping his eyes on the road. “It’s been over a century since I last saw my little sister. And my brother. For the others, even longer.”

“Do you think they’ll understand?”

“I don’t know.”

He pulled up outside what looked like a warehouse. Elena glanced up. It was impossible to distinguish from several other dark buildings around them. She shivered. It looked ordinary enough, but somewhere inside were the sleeping Originals.

Elijah turned off the engine, and then turned to look at her. “Elena...You should know that my family will recognise you. Their reaction may not be favourable.”

She blinked. Of course. She was the doppelganger. They would all recognise her from her resemblance to Ieva. She wasn’t even food to an Original vampire; she was more than that, her blood the necessary ingredient in a curse that would now never be broken. But she was also a living reminder of the human girl that Elijah had loved, and that his family must have known.

“I’ll be safe as long as you protect me,” she said.

He nodded. “Stay close.”

It felt as though they were staging a break-in. Elijah grabbed a black bag from the trunk and when she raised a quizzical eyebrow at him, he said briefly, “Food,” and she swallowed, nodding. They moved around the building, searching for an entrance. There was a small side door, locked, but Elijah quickly solved that, yanking the door off its hinges with minimum effort.

Inside it was pitch black, and Elena had to pause to let her eyes adjust. Elijah had gone ahead a couple of paces, but he stopped, looking back at her.

“I left my flashlight in the car,” she said.

It was at that point that security found them. Elena was surprised; she had imagined that Klaus would have stored his siblings in an abandoned warehouse, but apparently not. Either Klaus had arranged for security guards to take care of them, or the warehouse already had it. But there were flashlights and shouting and Elena was sure that at one point one of the guards brandished a gun. She stumbled back, and it was over in seconds.

Elijah relieved the guard of his flashlight with a quiet word and sent him on his way, and Elena completely missed what happened to the other until she moved forward to join him and almost stumbled over the man’s body on the floor.


He handed her the flashlight. “He’ll live. They’re both human – a poor defence. I wonder...”

He beckoned her onwards and Elena pressed her lips together before following him. “Do you think he laid a trap?”

They were walking past crates and high shelves; the place seemed mostly empty. She passed the flashlight over a couple of the crates, revealing nothing inside.

“Klaus was always paranoid,” Elijah mused. “But Greta assured me that any spells would have worn out weeks ago.”

“And you believe her?”

“We’ll see. We should have light any moment now...”

He stopped, and Elena almost bumped into him. A second later fluorescent lights flickered into life above them, flooding the entire warehouse. Elena gripped Elijah’s arm, blinking rapidly as she tried to adjust to the harsh light.

“Who did that?”

“I asked the guard,” said Elijah. He was staring straight ahead and she could feel him trembling beside her.

Then she saw what he was looking at. Six coffins, arranged in a rough circle in the middle of the floor. They looked like they were made of mahogany. One of them was open, the rest shut.

They looked at each other for a moment. Then by mutual assent, both moved: Elijah to set down the suitcase in the middle of the circle, opening it up with a loud click that echoed in the room. It was full of blood bags. Meanwhile, Elena approached the open coffin.

“Empty,” she breathed.

It was unsettling to look at. The interior of the coffin was lined with satin; there was even what looked like a cushion for someone’s head.

Elijah joined her. He trailed his fingers over the coffin’s edge. “I think this one was for me.”

“The others, then.”

They moved to the next coffin. Elijah looked at her. “Thank you for being with me,” he said softly.

She took his hand, squeezing it. “You’re welcome,” she whispered back.

He had helped to save her family. She was glad to help him reunite with his. Elena smiled at him. Then, together, Elena and Elijah flung open the lid of the coffin, and looked upon the first of his siblings.
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