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I edit a lot. Even before I pass a story on to my beta readers, I edit, I rewrite, I cut. I'm a "less is more" kind of writer, so generally if I can cut it, I will do. And when writing a long story like Taken, inevitably there were times when I ran into plot problems, I didn't know what to do with characters, or I tried out various scenes that didn't quite work. Often I wrote snippets that I wanted to include later on, but the story shifted direction and they no longer fitted.

Hence: deleted scenes!

I cut and pasted these into a separate document as I was writing, because I hoped that I might be able to incorporate bits and pieces later on. Even if the scene doesn't work, there might be a couple of lines in there that I can recycle. And sometimes that happened; there are some gaps and lines lifted from these scenes that I added back into the main story. Sometimes it didn't.

What I was left with are a bunch of half-finished scenes and snippets. These are unedited, so they're not the best quality. Damon sounds suspiciously British in places. Some scenes consist of dialogue only because that's the first thing I write, and if I deleted it early on, I wouldn't have fleshed it out. But a few of them are quite complete.

Deleted scenes with commentary from chapters 1-23 below the cut. Elijah/Elena, Damon & Isobel, Klaus, Damon & Liz, Klaus/Katherine, Stefan/Caroline, Damon/Katherine and Damon/Andie. )
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In this post, I'm going to discuss how Isobel's relationship with Elena and Katherine represents two conflicting sides of her nature: human and vampire. Ever since Isobel first appeared, there's always been one question about her which has fascinated me endlessly:

Whose side is she really on?

Elena or Katherine? Human or vampire? Mother or monster?

Because in the end it comes down to a choice, and that choice is Isobel's and Isobel's alone. How does she define herself?

Don't look for any redeeming qualities in me. I don't have any. )


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