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Hello! Welcome to my journal. Primarily this is a fandom journal, which means I usually post about the TV shows I'm watching, films I've seen, that kind of thing. I write too, so I sometimes approach things from a writing perspective.

I love meta. I post about politics, religion and philosophy from time to time. Basically, I like to overanalyse things and talk about them with like-minded people. If this sounds right up your street, let me know! If I think we have things in common, I will probably add you back.

Otherwise I have no particular friending policy and will add and remove people at whim.

Interests (135):

advent children, aerith gainsborough, aerith/tifa, agnosticism, artemis fowl, ashes to ashes, atheism, bartimaeus, being left-handed, birds, blackadder, books, british comedy, caroline forbes, chocolate, christianity, cid/shera, cloud strife, cloud/tifa, daemons, damon salvatore, damon/caroline, damon/isobel, damon/katherine, david hume, david tennant, derren brown, disney animated films, doctor who, doctor/master, donna noble, downton abbey, dust, elena gilbert, elijah, elijah mikaelson, elijah/elena, epistemology, evolution, fanfiction, ffix, ffvi, ffvii, ffviii, ffx, ffx-2, ffxii, films, final fantasy, game of thrones, garth nix, genfic, grammar, green wing, harry potter, heroes, his dark materials, horrible histories, humanism, ico, in the loop, irvine/selphie, isobel flemming, katerina petrova, katherine pierce, katherine/elena, kingdom hearts, klaus/elena, lirael, literature, lyra silvertongue, malcolm tucker, marisa coulter, mary/richard, merlin, merlin/arthur, meta, metaethics, metaphysics, miranda, mogget, nanaki, nature, northern lights, outnumbered, petrova doppelgangers, philip pullman, philosophy, pixar, politics, procrastination, professor brian cox, reading, reason, rebekah, rebekah mikaelson, red dwarf, red xiii, religion, republic of heaven, rikku, rinoa heartilly, rose tyler, scepticism, science, shadow of the colossus, shiva, spoon of destiny, squall leonhart, squall/rinoa, sraf, stiltzkin, tennis, tenth doctor, the amber spyglass, the daily show, the doctor, the golden compass, the master, the mighty boosh, the office, the old kingdom, the original family, the subtle knife, the thick of it, the vampire diaries, theology, tifa lockhart, tim minchin, uk politics, us politics, video games, writing, yuffie kisaragi, yuna
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